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Driven by the will to act in the long term, FORENA chooses to pioneer in areas that have not yet been exploited by the government or local NGOs. One of the first missions of the Foundation was to promote organic farming through organic farms. 


What is FORENA's role ?

The Foundation called on experts from the agricultural community, including the French group ECOcert and expert Dr Georges Félix, to work with farmers to develop organic farming. FORENA supported the agricultural work, the training of farmers and helped in the marketing of organic baskets.


The Foundation continues the support by doing internal audits to assist in the certification of organic products. In addition, thanks to the UN program: Global Environment Facility - Small Grants Programme (GEF-SGP), funding was obtained to meet some of the farmers' needs for equipment.

Home Grown Vegetables

The Impact ?

For the first time in Mauritius, the organic market has grown and today the whole population can consume these products. The reduction of chemical products in agricultural farming leads to the reappearance of ecosystems within the crops. 



What is an eco label ?

An eco-label adheres to international standards in choosing a specific labelling system that takes into account the multiple stages of a product's life cycle. The certification process also requires full transparency and clear documentation of each stage of the product's life. 


This allows all stakeholders on the supply-side to integrate the life cycle approach into their processes. On the other hand, it provides consumers with valuable information about the different stages and composition of the product they are considering to purchase. The eco-label brings a greater responsibility to the whole production chain and a more informed attitude from the consumer. 

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