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Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund


Regional Implementation Team
Madagascar Indian Ocean Islands Biodiversity Hotspot

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Founded in 2000, the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) is a joint initiative of l’Agence Française de Developpement (AFD), Conservation International (CI), the European Union (EU), the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the Government of Japan and the World Bank that supports civil society actors in their efforts to conserve the world’s most severely threatened ecosystems, known as biodiversity hotspots.

Funding from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) has been made available to CEPF for Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands through AFD as an accredited entity to the GCF.

The fundamental purpose of conserving ecosystems is to enable them to perform their various functions, called ecosystem services, for the benefit and needs of people, including: food security; water supply; energy supply; health security; material and economic comfort; and the maintenance of cultural values and social cohesion.


MADAGASCAR (6th to 9th September 2022)


Training of the MADIO Biodiversity Hotspot RIT Team by CEPF. 
Led by IUCN NL, the RIT comprises of FORENA (Mauritius), SAF FJKM (Madagascar), Initiative Developpement (Comoros) and SEYCCAT (Seychelles)

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CEPF Grievance Mechanism

MADIO* Biodiversity Hotspot

(*MADIO stands for Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands. The biodiversity hotspot includes Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles and Mauritius)


The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) abides by a set of procedures regarding Grievances from Grantees, Local Communities, Stakeholders and Regional Implementation Teams (RIT).


For the MADIO Biodiversity Hotspot, the RIT is led by IUCN NL and is constituted of a consortium of organisations for each member country.


Within the RIT consortium, Fondation Ressources et Nature (FORENA) represents the Republic of Mauritius.

In case of any grievance:

  • For local interrogations and minor mediation, an email can be sent to FORENA within 15 days of an issue being brought to the attention of the Grantee:

  • For RIT level grievances (such as questions regarding Grant Selection Processes, issues around safeguards and so on), an email can be sent to the RIT directly:

  • For all other situations, Grievance Mechanism procedures of the CEPF are fully described in the Operation Manual, which also includes contacts for the Grievance Mechanisms of Donors such as the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Agence Française de Développement (AFD))


The Operation Manual can be downloaded here:

2022-2027 Funding Cycle
1st Call for Proposal - Closed on the 2nd February 2023

Following the First Call for Proposal , 4 Mauritian CSOs have been selected (2 Large Grants and 2 Small Grants).

Two Small Grant Contracts were signed on the 8th August 2023. The Large Grant contracts  were signed  once all safeguards were addressed and projects reviewed in a collaborative manner between the CEPF and the future grantees. 

CFP EN H300 1122

2022-2027 Funding Cycle
2nd Call for Proposal - Closed 1st August  2023

The process of review of Letters of Inquiry for Large Grants by the RIT started mid-August 2023. The RIT review is proposed to CEPF for final selection of potential grantees who will be called upon to propose a detailed LOI and give detailed information to CEPF. 

Facebook CEPF call for proposal ENG.png

Watch the video on YouTube and download the PDF.

An online information session concerning the Call for LOI for Small Grants was held on the 24th August 2023.

The video can be consulted on Youtube: 

Click on the PDF icon to consult the presentation shown during the Information Session.

2022-2027 Funding Cycle
3rd Call for Proposal - 15th August  to 30th September 2023

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) and its regional implementation team (RIT) for the MADIO Biodiversity Hotspot, are accepting letters of inquiry (LOIs) from civil society organizations  (CSOs) of Mauritius and Rodrigues for projects that address the eligible activities and geographies of this call.

2022-2027 Funding Cycle

5th Call for Proposal for LOI - Closed 30th April  

Capacity Building on Gender-Responsive
Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EBA)

The process of review of Letters of Inquiry for Large Grants by the RIT and CEPF started in  May 2024. 

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