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List of Partners & Collaborators

The Ministry of Environment, Solid Waste and Climate Change Management ensures the protection and management of the environmental capital of Mauritius. This ministry assists FORENA in acquiring land and authorization to plant in the island. It provides manpower to help in the maintenance of agroforestry projects since 2021.

The Ministry of Agroforestry and Food Security participates in the FORENA project through its forestry service. This service is responsible for the classification of forests and their importance in the functioning of the environment. One of its missions is to fight against the invasion of non-endemic plants in the forests of the island. The Forestry Department collaborates with FORENA by participating in the maintenance of areas such as in the Petrin Reserve since 2017.

The Municipal Council of the City of Port Louis is a local authority responsible for the administration of Port Louis.  The City of Port Louis pays great attention to the creation and maintenance of green spaces. It emphasizes the importance of their role in the protection and preservation of the environment but also for the beautification of the city and the well-being of its citizens. She has been assisting Forena in these various programs for the Port Louis Hills since 2015.

The UNDP GEF Small Grants Program (GEF-SGP) embodies the essence of sustainable development by "thinking globally and acting locally." The program funds and provides material support to projects that conserve and restore the environment while improving the well-being and living conditions of people. The program provides assistance in reforestation projects in the hills of Port Louis.  The GEF-SGP has funded our new reforestation and agroforestry projects in the Port Louis hills since 2015.

British High Commission in Mauritius maintains and develops the relationship between the UK and Mauritius. Its mission is to provide services to British nationals living in Mauritius and those arriving for tourism purposes. The Embassy is also involved in issues concerning the environment and the protection of biodiversity in Mauritius. The British Embassy participated in the launch of the agroforestry project at Priest Peak. It has been a partner of Forena since 2017.

The Australian Embassy in Mauritius provides advice and services to Australians traveling to the Indian Ocean. Through its development assistance program, the Australian Embassy funds many programs in Mauritius particularly in the environmental and social sectors. With Forena, it combines the two by funding since 2019 the nurseries of the Petit Verger prison. 

Rogers Capital is a group providing a range of integrated services. This Port Louis-based company with more than 600 employees is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.The group has been helping Forena with the Citadel project financially and operationally since 2019. Employees have even participated in the plantings planned as part of the Citadel's reforestation. Rogers Capital is also invested in helping FORENA communicate. 


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